To do a better job of preventing armed conflict and helping its victims, avoiding runaway climate change, averting cross-border economic shocks, and harnessing the ideas, networks, and capabilities of governments, civil society, and the private sector, the world needs a new kind of leadership and vision, combined with new norms, tools, and institutions.

In response, the newly released An Innovation Agenda for UN 75 – which updates the analysis and prioritizes the recommendations from the 2015 report of the Albright-Gambari Commission and its companion volume, Just Security in an Undergoverned World – offers 20 global ideas for the United Nations’ 75th anniversary and Leaders Summit, in 2020, with the goal of renewing and invigorating our system of global governance to better meet twenty-first-century threats, challenges, and opportunities.

The new report presents a bold, yet practical “Roadmap to 2020” designed to mobilize a wide range of actors and constituencies and to produce results at the intersection of global security and justice – preventing violent extremism, mitigating and adapting to climate change, governing our hyperconnected global economy, and safeguarding human rights – to make the world a little more just and secure.